Saturday, September 14, 2013



Write about a bad experience you have had with writing. How did this experience affect your attitude toward writing?

I have a bad experience about writing. When I was freshman, I took the English writing class. The professor gave us lots of assignments which are English essay writings. At that time, my English writing skill was very bad and I had a no idea about plagiarism. Whenever I felt difficult to write an essay and didn't have enough time, I searched on Google and, copied and pasted. One day, professor called me and he said that you shouldn't do plagiarism so you need to write again by yourself. After this experience, my attitude toward writing was changed. This experience taught me that I shouldn't do plagiarism and have to try to write by myself.


How do you feel about writing in your first language compared to writing in English?

Since I am not a native English speaker, it is very hard to come up with correct English expressions. Sometime I am not able to express out what I want to talk about in English. Even though I have a good idea, if I could not write this in English, it is useless. So the ability to use language, especially here English, narrows the subject of my essay. This is what I feel about writing in English compared to writing in Korean.


Have you ever done any writing for yourself only – letters to friends or relatives journals, diaries, poems? If so, explain how this writing was different from the writing you did for school assignments.

          When I was in military, I wrote lots of letters to girlfriend and family. Writing I did for school assignments and writing for myself is very different. When I have to write something for myself about topic that I like, writing is joyful. I don't have to worry about come up with any ideas, since I already have an idea in my head. In this case I like writing, Since I can express and organize my thought and feeling by writing. However, when I have to write for school assignments, it's painful. I have to choose topic and come up with ideas. If I don't know topic well, it's more difficult and takes time. Likewise, writing about something that I like and writing for school assignments are very different.


  1. 201102861 Huyoung Lee

    I never knew plagiarism was this serious problem before taking writing class. The professor told us that it was very important and we should not just copy and paste. She taught us paraphrasing. It was very new to me because I've never had done it before. I wonder if you were taught it, too. Reading your post, I reminded of myself trying to avoid plagiarism and organize my ideas with the resources I had founded on Google. I almost stayed up all night that day because I'd had put it off until the last minute...

    It's interesting that you and I answered the same two questions: the last two questions. It's even more interesting when I realized we have same ideas on both questions. Is it because all humans have universal features or just because Korean students are educated in a same way? I don't know...maybe both?

  2. Sometimes some things are so difficult to be totally frank with, especially when they are generally considered as 'bad things'. But you were. I think your writing is so good in that point. And your all answers are very fit to the questions. I mean you answered exactly right to what the questions were asking to you.

    In the second answer, I really agree with your thought that Even though I have a good idea, if I could not write this in English, it is useless. I firmly believe that it is one main factor that make “me as a English writer” more ordinary and worse than “me as a Korean writer”.

    Actually, I agree with your overall answers. I think you are very like me.

    1. Sorry, professor! I missed my name.201203511 Choe Kyung-Yo