Saturday, September 14, 2013

Huyoung Lee/Past Experiences with Writing/Tuesday 11 a.m.

1. Write about a pleasant experience you have had with writing. How did this experience affect your attitude toward writing?

             When I was taking Introduction to English Writing class, I had to write a descriptive essay. Although I tried to do my best, the professor said my essay was too weak when I submitted the first draft. She said she could hardly find descriptive expressions on my writing, which should be included. I was discouraged, but since I had to submit a final draft, worked hard on it. I changed the topic and started to write a whole new one, trying to put wonderful descriptive expressions. Submitting the assignment, I didn't expect much about the grade because I thought that I wasn't very good at writing. However, when I received my paper back, I was surprised. I got a perfect grade on my descriptive essay! The professor said descriptive expressions were very good. I was so happy and greatly encouraged with my writing.

2. How do you feel about writing in your first language compared to writing in English?

             Writing is difficult to me in whatever language. However, writing in Korean is easier as I'm able to use more various expressions. I often got frustrated when writing in English, because the words and the expressions that I can handle are limited. I have to look up the dictionary to fully express what I want to say. Also, it's very confusing to judge whether the expressions or the grammar is right or not. Plus, I don't get the exact nuance of the words, which makes me doubt that if I'm using proper words. Although writing is always a challenge for me, it's obvious that English writing is far more difficult to me.

3. Have you ever done any writing for yourself only – letters to friends or relatives, journals, diaries, poems? If so, explain how this writing was different from the writing you did for school assignments.

             I feel a great pressure whenever I write for assignments – even though they're very easy freewriting. Something in my mind always tells me, "You should do it perfectly or you'll not get a good grade." So it takes much time and effort to make it perfect. Although it's sometimes fun to do some research on my subject and write about it, it's more boring and annoying about my writing assignments. However, I feel totally different in case of writing myself. Whatever I write - letters, diaries, or just a sentence or a paragraph, I'm happy to express my ideas freely on paper. There's no limit, no format and no one judging my writing. I don't feel any pressure and can enjoy writing. 


  1. hello.
    i think in the second and the last paragraph the word "limited" hit home very strongly to me.i think i hold the same position when it comes to English-writing. i also think that most of students in our class have similar experiences. it's very interesting to me.

  2. I liked your honest answer to the first question. You thoroughly explained your own experience which later links to the main idea of how that affects your attitude toward writing. Good structure.

    For your third question, I wish you could have explained which particular sort of writings that you have done for yourself. You mentioned "letters, diaries and just a sentence or a paragraph," but it would have been better if you had gone a little deeper than that.

  3. I totally feel sympathy with your first answer. It feels really annoying and frustrating when I write because there are so many things to care about - grammar, vocabs, structures, scores and so on. However, when people give positive comments about my writing, I feel achievement. But at the same time, I feel like I myself have to be satisfied with my writing, rather than concentrating on how others evaluate mine. In that sense, I think writing for myself is important, which barely do.