Saturday, September 14, 2013

SaeWhan/Tue11/1st Assignment

Write about a pleasant experience you have had with writing. How did this experience affect your attitude toward writing?

A pleasant experience I have had with writing subsumes the moment I finished my structural organization and began writing in any types of essays. The reason it was pleasant is because once I finish organizing – mostly my ideas and solid rationale to support those ideas that could fit each paragraph – writing a 5 paragraph essay becomes easy. In other words, I believe solid structure is the key to a good writing. Such belief has set my sight on putting more time and effort to think about what to write before using my pen.  


When you are writing a paper for a class, do you try to please yourself or the teacher? Explain.

When I am writing a paper for a class, I try to please myself for the most if time. Central components that lead to my pleasantness are high level of vocabularies, right usage of words, clearness and orderly structure taught and trained in a class. This is not to indicate that my pleasantness is always commensurate with good grades, and, in that case, I endeavor to correct mistakes to please my teacher.


Have you ever done any writing for yourself only? If so, explain how this writing was different from the writing you did for school assignments.

I have done writing for myself only in Facebook. Of course, posting in a social media service inevitably invites other "friends" as well who have access to my writing. Still, I consider Facebook writing as a mean to express freely my insight, thoughts or even ordinary observations over daily lives. Because it is supposed to be private, I often crowd out rules, grammars and essay structure in lieu of hewing to those elements critical for school assignments writing.  


  1. To SaeWhan from Kang Dabida

    What I like about your writing is that I get to learn some of vocabularies that I am not familiar with from your work, such as ‘subsume’, ‘crowd out’ and ‘hew’. At the same time, however, your writing was quite difficult for me. It had me stopped and read back to get what you really mean. (and it made me feel stupid haha:D). My personal opinion about your writing is that it would be more reader-friendly if you say things more easily. (No offense though, it really helped me learn.) But I am really impressed that you are capable of expressing all of your ideas by just simple few sentences.

  2. from Hanna

    from your writing I have learned so many new vocabularies and use more new vocabularies is a good star in writing. sometime, so many difficult vocabularies in your writing can be causing the distress to your readers. But I really can learn something useful in your writing,keep on, good job