Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jieun Choi/specified sentences/Tues 11am

1.     Leaning back to his chair, he started to tell me how he became a fan of LG. It was a long story.

->Holding a cup of hot café latte, he slowly leaned back to wooden chair. Then, he started to tell me about his history of being fan of LG for 6 years, shining his eyes.

2.     Before 2008, baseball was just a boring sport for him.

->The story goes back to 2008. Until then, his knowledge and interest about baseball was simply close to zero. He knew basically nothing about the baseball—the rules, how many teams there were—which eventually led him to have no interest in it. Young Minkee thought it was the world's most boring sports.

3.     Like many people who are not a big fan of baseball, watching the game under the blazing sun for nearly four hours was a big pressure and beyond his understandings.

->Another reason that made Minkee to stay away from the baseball was the game environment. If he wanted to watch the game, he had to sit nearly four hours under the blazing sun, which would make him soaked in sweat. It was just beyond his understandings.

4.     But when Korea won the gold medal in the baseball for the first time at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he was excited.

->But in 2008, there was a big event that could be called as turning point in his life. In 2008 Beijing Olympics, Korea baseball team won the gold medal for the first time in history. Watching the moment, he felt something hot in his mind.

5.     He got interested, so he went to the stadium to watch the game of LG with his friend for the first time in his life.

->With curiosity and attraction toward baseball, Minkee decided to visit the stadium to watch the game. The first game he was about to watch in his life was the game of LG Twins, which totally changed his life.

6.     He became familiar with the team, but they ranked the lowest.

->As time gone by, he started to get familiar and like the team. He started to cheer the team with all his heart. However, the team betrayed him and ranked the lowest that season.

7.     With that, he also had to prepare university admission exam.

->Looking that, he got very disappointed to the team and lost his interest in baseball. Also, the university admission exam was only a year ahead of him, so he couldn't spare his time to baseball.

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