Monday, December 2, 2013

Ha Eun Park/ Improved Wriitng/ TUE 3-4

1.      In one of my class, I got the opportunity to get to know one person.


In one of my classes, we always have a group discussion. During the break we were talking among ourselves about our future plans and a girl said that she was going to Canada.


2.      I wanted to know more about her


Since the average age of marriage is late 20s and early 30s for most women, I was taken off guard by her answer. Although it was unusual, it was intriguing for me and I wanted know more about her love story.


3.      She said yes to the interview

Though she agreed to the interview, she seemed little nervous about what I was going to ask her. I offered we go to a coffee shop to talk more comfortably.


4.      She was born in Daegu and has lived in Suwon since elemantary school

I wanted to know whether she had any experience abroad during her adolescent period. Again, her answer surprised me. I imagined that her bold decision came out of her pass experience in another country but I was wrong. She was born in Dae-gu and had moved to Suwon for her elementary school and lived in Suwon since then.


5.      I asked how she met her husband

Since the first answer was not what I had expected I quickly moved on to the next question. "Where did you meet your husband and how long did you date your husband?"

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