Monday, December 2, 2013

Chae Ji Young/Oral History/ Tuesday 11 am/Final Draft

Chae Ji Young/Oral History/ Tuesday 11 am/Final Draft

201004306 EIT




                      I remember exactly how I felt when I first met Hannah last year. At first I thought she was a Korean because of her appearance. She was a hard working student always trying to do her best. Once I was in a group with Hannah doing some project together in a presentation class. I was impressed how passionate she was even though she had trouble communicating with members either in Korean or in English. I wanted to know what made her so passionate, so I interviewed Hannah.


                      She is from Dan-Dong, China, majoring in EIT at HUFs now. "Wow!" While interviewing, I was surprised to notice how much her ability to speak Korean improved. When I first met her last year, I had difficulty understanding what she was talking because she was poor at speaking Korean. Now she speaks Korean very fluently. I first asked about her childhood in China. "I was all 'A' student in China." She said. When she was in high school, she wanted to go abroad and study different languages. The reason she chose to study at HUFs was because she thought that she could learn not only English but also Korean. She could not wait to attend HUFs. When she finally came to Korea 2 years ago for the first time to attend HUFs, she was frustrated. She was not good at either Korean or English so she had much difficulty communicating with people. She had trouble learning Korean and taking Korean classes. "I was almost crying when taking English-Korean Translation class." I could imagine how difficult it was for her to translate English to Korean. Both of them were not her mother tongue.


                     "I had to learn English and Korean to survive in Korea and at HUFs." She said. She did her best to master Korean and English as quickly as she could. She tried hard to meet people and speak the language a lot. "Dramas and movies helped me a lot." She said. After 2 years of hard working, she finally speaks Korean fluently. Now, when I have a talk with Hannah, I don't feel like I am talking to a foreigner.


                     When asked about her dream, she said that she wanted to go to graduate schools of Interpretation and Translation. She was good at Chinese, English, and Korean. She wanted to be a translator speaking three languages. She also dreamed of being a CEO of cosmetic business. "I have already started my won business." She said. How amazing! She sells Korean cosmetics to people in China. She used Internet to advertise and sell good cosmetics to those. While interviewing, she got several calls from her clients. They were ordering some cosmetics. She seemed very busy but I could see her happy eyes with smile. She was doing what she wanted to, which made her passionate and happy. I learned one very important thing from Hannah. "Do what you love and keep working on it and your dreams will come true."

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