Monday, December 2, 2013

Chae Ji Young/ Improved language/ Tuesday 11 am

Chae Ji Young/ Improved language/ Tuesday 11 am

  201004306  EIT


I met Hannah last year.

--> I remember exactly how I felt when I first met Hannah last year.


She was not good at speaking Korean.

--> I was impressed how passionate she was even though she had trouble communicating with members either in Korean or in English.


I could see what made her passionate.

--> I learned one very important thing from Hannah. "Do what you love and keep working on it and your dreams will come true."


She seemed busy but happy.

--> She seemed very busy but I could see her happy eyes with smile. She was doing what she wanted to, which made her passionate and happy.


I asked about her dream.

--> When asked about her dream, she said that she wanted to go to graduate schools of Interpretation and Translation.




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